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“Portugal was the beginning, where I began to notice the things that were missing from the average American dining experience. The large groups of people who ate together. The family element. The seemingly casual cruelty that comes with living close to your food. The fierce resistance to change – if change comes at the expense of traditionally valued dishes. I’d see this again and again, in other countries far from Portugal.”

by Anthony Bourdain, A Cook’s Tour: Global Adventures in Extreme Cuisines


“Life is about the adventures you take and the memories you make. So travel often and live life with open eyes and an open heart.” - Katie Grissom

Special Tours

At Terroir, we create wine and food tours for special persons and groups. If you are wine expert searching for new winemakers and new wines, we can organize your visit!

A wine club director that wants to organize a wine experience we will create for your club the ultimate wine and food experience with local enologists! Are you a chef that wants to know more about Portuguese flavors we can help you to create your food experience with a local chef or a foodie!

Tell us about your requirements, what you are looking for and we can design a trip for you that will allow you to find new wine regions, producers, the best flavors, restaurants, and chefs. We can create wine experience specifically for a wine importer to offer to your VIP contacts or customers.

Whatever your challenge or request, our team will work closely with you to create unique wine and food experiences.

Contact us for a memorable experience.